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Bauer v Morgan Stanley Dean Witter - $175,000 NYSE Award

In August 2002, an NYSE arbitration panel in Memphis, TN ordered Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to pay Claimant $175,000. Dr. McCann testified for the Claimants.

Millar v Merrill Lynch - $7.74 Million JAMS Award

In July 2002 a JAMS arbitration panel awarded a couple $7.74 Million arising out of claims of breach of contract, negligence and fraud against Merrill Lynch. The panel found that Merrill Lynch breached duties to formulate and implement suitable investment strategies. The panel also found that Merrill Lynch failed to offer and explain hedging strategies suitable to the Claimants' objectives prior to the expiration of a post-IPO lockup. Finally, the panel found that Merrill Lynch's covered call writing was not a suitable strategy for dealing with the Claimants' concentrated position. This award has been mischaracterized as a simple failure to execute a sell order case. We have posted the award so that you can read the panel's conclusions for yourself.

District Court Affirms $7.74 Million Award Against Merrill Lynch

The award in Millar v Merrill Lynch was noteworthy, and not only for its size. The panel decided Merrill Lynch breached a contract to provide suitable investment advice to the Millars. Merrill Lynch appealed the award. The District Court in affirming the award recently made clear that brokerage firms cannot sell themselves as offering world class investment advice, even to customers like the Millars with non-discretionary accounts, and then claim to be only order takers when they deliver negligent or incompetent advice.

Garcia v AG Edwards - $571,159 Churning Award

In December 2001, an NASD arbitration panel in Boca Raton, FL ordered AG Edwards to pay the Claimant at least $571,159 including compensatory damages and prejudgment interest. Dr. McCann testified that the securities portfolio was churned and estimated damages.

Wolfe v Considine - $424,183 Award

In December 2001, an NASD arbitration panel in Baltimore, MD ordered the Respondent to pay the Claimant $424,183 in damages after a hearing wherein the Claimant alleged that Respondents churned Claimant's account and invested in unsuitable securities. Dr. McCann testified on behalf of the Claimant.

Stanton v Cendant - $18.8 Million Securities Fraud Award

In February 2001, a AAA arbitration panel in New York, NY ordered Cendant to pay $18.8 Million to Claimants who sold their closely-held business, Dine-a-Mate, to Cendant for shares of stock during a pervasive accounting fraud. Dr. McCann testified on behalf of the Claimants.

Mueller v Gaines Berland - $372,922 Texas Securities Act Award

In February 2001, an NASD arbitration panel in Dallas, TX ordered Gaines Berland to pay Claimant $392,922 including attorney's fees and expert witness costs for violation of the Texas Securities Act and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Dr. McCann testified for the Claimant.

Johnson v Ryan, Lee & Co. - $385,000 Award

In December 2000, an NASD arbitration panel in Washington, DC ordered Ryan, Lee to pay the Claimant $385,000. Dr. McCann testified on behalf of the Claimant.

Maderazo v Piper Jaffray - $139,500 Award

In October 2000, an NASD arbitration panel in Scottsdale, AZ ordered Piper Jaffray to pay Claimants $139,500 including attorneys' fees and expert witness costs. Dr. McCann testified on behalf of the Claimants.

Haaz v Oppenheimer - $491,707 Churning Award

In November 1998, an NASD arbitration panel in Philadelphia, PA Oppenheimer to pay Claimant $454,293 in compensatory damages and at least $37,414 in prejudgment interest. Dr. McCann testified that the account was churned and the trading costs should be adjusted to reflect the investment returns the trading costs would have earned if left in the portfolio instead of being taken by the Respondents. The explanation of this market adjusted trading cost measure can be found in an SLCG working paper McCann on Churning. The panel awarded Dr. McCann's measure of churning damages.

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