Our Firm

Based in McLean, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC., SLCG was founded in 2000 to apply finance, economics, statistics and mathematics in litigation and consulting.

Our People

SLCGs staff has included professionals with PhDs in mathematics, statistics, physics, finance and economics. Our professionals have relevant academic, industry and government experience and skills specialized to complex litigation, data analytics and valuation services. Our experts have testified in state and federal court and in various arbitration forums.

Our Services

Complex Litigation

SLCG provides expert witnesses to law firms, publicly-traded corporations and individuals involved in litigation throughout the United States. Our projects include securities class actions, trust management and brokerage industry disputes, white collar criminal proceedings and regulatory investigations.

Data Analytics

SLCG analytics group use traditional statistical analysis and cutting edge machine learning tools to analyze voluminous electronic data, searching for patterns and identifying outliers. This analysis allows us to draw insightful conclusions and make effective presentations based on our analysis.

Valuation Services

SLCG provides valuation opinions for small businesses going through a merger or sale, as well as valuations for tax or litigation purposes.