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Data Analytics

We develop meaningful insights using modern statistical tools such as machine learning and spatial analysis and present those insights through with innovative visualizations. Our data analytics work is led by Dr. Mike Yan, a former instructor of Applied and Computational Mathematics at Cal Tech. Mike is assisted by Dr. Chuan Qin, Susan Song and Briant Lyu.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Spatial Modeling

We take datasets and build spatial models that help researchers and industry experts with insight generation. Our visualizations are interactive, intuitive and informative with filtering and searching included. We work directly with clients to define constraints and intention to assure the final product accurately displays the dataset and conveys an applicable message.

Machine Learning

We leverage our knowledge of statistics to create AI models that extract maximum insights from data. We combine the outputs of many "weak" predictive models to produce an ensemble model with superior predictive performance. We have developed web-scraping software to scan and extract data from websites for use in advanced machine learning models.

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