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Dr. Craig McCann and Dr. Edward O'Neal — both former academics and government economists — have testified in dozens of state and federal court trials dealing with shareholder losses due to securities fraud, business valuations, the value of securities in private party transactions, trust management, damages and opioid data analytics.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Trust Management Disputes

Investors who invest through trust departments of banks, rather than through brokerage firms, litigate disputes with their investment advisors in court rather than in arbitration forums, but many of the same issues arise. Our professionals testify about the principles of prudent investment management embodied in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act and the Prudent Investor Rule in trust management disputes.

Commercial Litigation

Technical expertise and extensive litigation experience allow our professionals to assist parties involved in complex commercial litigation. We specialize in litigation involving antitrust claims, class certification, and economic damages generally require the participation of expert economists at all phases of the legal process. Our professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of these types of commercial litigation.

Securities Class Actions

Investors can sue companies, executives, accountants, and underwriters alleging that important information concerning the companies was omitted or misrepresented, causing investors to pay too much for securities. Our financial economists determine whether allegedly omitted or misrepresented information was truly important with the use of event studies or through reference to academic literature. We help the parties reach settlements by estimating alleged damages, which depend on the amount by which a company's stock price was allegedly inflated and the number of shares that were bought at fraudulently inflated prices.

Regulatory Investigations

Our professional staff includes former federal regulatory economists with experience at the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. We have been hired consistently by federal, state, and industry regulators to provide expert consulting services and testimony during influential cases. We have also assisted individuals and corporations subject to regulatory investigations or prosecution. Our professionals have testified on the behalf of parties involved in DOJ and FTC merger reviews, as well as parties undergoing other antitrust investigations.

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