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We are looking to expand our team with talented, passionate individuals. We offer a competitive salary and benefits, flexible schedule and excellent working conditions to the ideal candidate.

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Our people are our strongest asset

We're a close community of strategic thinkers, programmers, data engineers, and friendly people— like you. We each strive to improve personally and professionally every day, with a broad collection of resources and support available to ensure your ability to achieve your full potential.

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The best part of my experience at SLCG Economic Consulting has been the privilege of learning daily with this diverse group of dynamic thinkers for nearly two decades. The unique chemistry and trust we have developed allows our team to create smart, efficient and simplified interpretations out of increasingly complex matters. Our history of success has been documented with an ever-expanding list of positive results, and I'm proud and excited to maintain that commitment to excellence for each and every one of our clients.

Senior Manager
An image of Sandy Ouano, Managing Director at SLCG Economic Consulting.

Our employees deserve the best

Traditional Benefits
We offer our employees and their families health, dental, and vision insurance. We also give employees access to programs that pair you with experts that make it easier to navigate the entire healthcare system. Additionally, we encourage our employees to start building a 401k in as few as three months.
Amenities and Culture
We are a close-knit community here at SLCG Economic Consulting. We get to know each other through work projects, birthday celebrations and festive holiday parties hosted at beautiful venues. Our office building includes a free gym, large parking garage, cafe, and day care. Additionally, we are walking distance from the Metro, Tyson's Corner mall, and are a short drive from both Reagan and Dulles airports.
Personal Development
We believe in growth through hands-on learning and collaborative opportunities. If you want to improve your knowledge of coding languages like Python, R, Matlab, or VBA, we have expert users of each of these languages. Your financial knowledge and analytical skills will be built up quickly and will continue to be honed for the entirety of your time here.
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COVID-19 Response

Our workplace, like countless others, has changed. We value our employees, their families, and their collective wellbeing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've stayed productive while providing a flexible working environment. We seek to understand each employee's unique circumstances and are always open to conversations about supporting our people in these uncertain times.

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Open Positions:

Tyson's Corner, VA
Senior Data Scientist
Tyson's Corner, VA
Data Scientist
Tyson's Corner, VA
Research Analyst
Tyson's Corner, VA
Financial Analyst
Tyson's Corner, VA
Financial Data Analyst
Tyson's Corner, VA
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