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Ohio Division of Securities, In the Matter of Timothy K. Fife - Ohio IA Registration to be Revoked

In February 2016, after evidentiary hearings, the Hearing Examiner recommended that Timothy Fife's investment adviser representative registration be revoked. The Report and Recommendation is available on our website. Fife's registration is being revoked because he provided investment advice and initiated securities transactions while not licensed in Ohio and because he recommended the unsuitable purchase and holding for extended periods of time of leveraged and inverse ETFs. Dr. McCann ...

La Comisión de Bolsa de Valores Impone Sanciones a los Agentes de Bolsa por la Venta de Bonos Municipales de Puerto Rico

La Comisión de Bolsa de Valores (SEC por sus siglas en inglés) anunció el día de hoy sanciones contra 13 compañías de corretaje. En marzo del 2014, estas compañías vendieron denominaciones por debajo de los $100,000 en contra del documento de oferta de los riesgosos bonos municipales de Puerto Rico. El comunicado de prensa con los enlaces individuales de cada orden lo pueden encontrar aquí.

Kyle Glazier y Lynn Hume publicaron el primer artículo relacionado a las ventas de denominaciones...

The Securities and Exchange Commission Sanctions Brokers Over Sale of Puerto Rican Municipal Bonds

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced sanctions today against 13 brokerage firms for selling high risk Puerto Rican municipal bonds in March 2014 in denominations well below the $100,000 minimum specified in the offering circular. The SEC press release with links to the individual orders can be found on the SEC website.

Kyle Glazier and Lynn Hume broke the story about small denomination trades in the Puerto Rico bond offering in contravention of the offering document in the Bond...

Impuestos, Bonos Municipales de Puerto Rico y los Fondos UBS

A la fecha hemos escrito extensamente sobre los fondos de bonos municipales UBS Puerto Rico. Pueden encontrar nuestra más reciente entrada al blog aquí. La singularidad del régimen impositivo de Puerto Rico sigue saliendo a colación y pensamos que una entrada al blog aclarando este asunto vale la pena.

Los residentes de Puerto Rico no pagan impuestos sobre el ingreso al gobierno federal pero pagan altos impuestos sobre el ingreso. Los puertorriqueños pagan una tasa impositiva marginal máxima...

BlueVault Partners' Non-Traded REIT Study: Even the Winners do Worse Than Traded REITs

We have noted in our research and our posts that non-traded investments including non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), business development companies (BDCs), oil & gas and equipment leasing partnerships typically have extremely high upfront and ongoing fees. Because of these high costs, illiquidity, lack of transparency and conflicts of interest, these investments should underperform liquid, lower-cost traded investments with similar underlying exposures. For example, non-traded...

SEC Examiniation Priorities 2014

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) senior staff recently announced their 2014 examination priorities . The national examination program will be focusing on fraud detection and prevention, corporate governance, and registrants that serve as both a broker-dealer and investment adviser.

SEC staff also plans to undertake initiatives that examine the rollover of retirement vehicles during employment transitions or near retirement. In particular, the staff is concerned about misleading...

FINRA Regulatory Priorities 2014

Early this month, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) released their 2014 regulatory and examination proirities . FINRA is continuing to focus on the suitability of recommendations made to retail investors. FINRA specifically mentions complex structured products (including leveraged ETFs), non-traded REITs, frontier funds, and interest rate sensitive instruments such as mortgage-backed securities and municipal bonds. At a recent conference, a FINRA representative added that...

FINRA Fines Oppenheimer over Huge Municipal Bond Markups

FINRA announced yesterday that it has fined Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. nearly $700,000 for "charging unfair prices in municipal securities transactions and for failing to have an adequate supervisory system." FINRA found that over a 12 month period beginning in July 2008, Oppenheimer's head municipal securities trader, David Sirianni, priced bonds up to nearly 16% above the Oppenheimer's contemporaneous cost.

Oppenheimer put into place a system that would produce exception reports whenever an...

FINRA Action Against JP Turner for Unsuitable Leveraged ETF Sales

Last Thursday, FINRA ordered JP Turner, an Atlanta-based broker-dealer, to pay restitution related to sales of leveraged and inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and excessive mutual fund switching. The total restitution to 84 customers totaled over $700,000.

Leveraged and inverse ETFs are extremely complex investments, that are designed for professional traders and are generally considered unsuitable for buy-and-hold investors. One fundamental issue with leveraged and inverse ETFs is that...

Brokers Steal from Elderly Widow

In our day-to-day work, we often come across brokers willing to ruin the lives of the undereducated or underprepared in order to make a quick buck. We thought we'd highlight a particularly egregious example of this from a recent Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) press release.

According to the release, Fernando L. Arevalo and Jimmy E. Caballero encouraged an "elderly widow with diminished mental capacity" to sell two annuities for approximately $300,000 and then moved the funds...

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