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What You Won't Learn From One Wall Street Watchdog Report

Heather Gillers' "What You Won't Learn From One Wall Street Watchdog Report" Wall Street Journal story reports on a problem SLCG identified, illustrated by recent arbitration filings in Puerto Rico. Her article cites SLCG's analysis BrokerCheck records showing settlements and pending cases on individual broker's BrokerCheck reports not listed on the brokerage firm' BrokerCheck reports even though it is typically the firm not the individual broker who is sued. Craig McCann, Mike Yan and Chuan Qin are the principal authors of the study "Puerto Rico Securities Arbitration Report". Their findings are related to broader reported in the "How Widespread and Predictable is Stock Broker Misconduct?".

Opinion: Borrowing its way out of trouble, Puerto Rico sinks

Market Watch's "Opinion: Borrowing its way out of trouble, Puerto Rico sinks," by Elliot Blair Smith highlights the causes of the Puerto Rico's financial debacle. The Article quotes Craig McCann on UBS's investing of their own investor's assets in pension debt and sales tax bonds that they underwrote.

Beware Pitches for High-Yielding CDs

Kiplinger's "Beware Pitches for High-Yielding CDs" by Eleanor Laise reports on CDs promising high yields or capturing market upside, but many of these safe-sounding investments are loaded with risk. The article quotes Craig McCann on the complexity and limitations of such CDs.

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