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Steering Investors to Sure-Fire Lower Returns

Although one would expect using a professional advisor to improve an investor's performance, instead the investor pays a significant penalty," says Dr. O'Neal in The Los Angeles Times' "Steering Investors to Sure-Fire Lower Returns." "When investors used brokers they paid twice: First, they paid the broker; second, they paid a penalty in the form of higher fund fees."

NASDAQ Adds Four More Indexes

"NASDAQ Adds Four More Indexes." Because most investors have portfolios full of stocks on several exchanges, the Nasdaq-only index may not be that valuable as a benchmark, says Dr. O'Neal.

Sting of scandal followed by lower fees for many mutual fund investors

In Eileen Ambrose's Baltimore Sun article "Sting of scandal followed by lower fees for many mutual fund investors," she quotes Dr. O'Neal on mutual fund fees: "Fees are one thing when investing in mutual funds that you can control. Performance is impossible to predict, but by choosing low-cost funds you are at least stacking the deck in your favor."

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