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The Worst Investment in the World! Behringer Harvard's Priority Income Fund

I. Introduction

What could be worse than a non-traded REIT? Well, REIT-sponsor Behringer Harvard has managed to create something even worse than a non-traded REIT: The Priority Income Fund. On May 9, 2013, Behringer Harvard and the manager of publicly traded BDCs, Prospect Capital Management, announced the initial public offering for their new joint-effort Priority Senior Secured Income Fund (PSSI) now renamed Priority Income Fund.i

The best thing that can be said of the Priority Income Fund...

More Examples of CDO Warehousing and Potential Fraud

Last month we had a blog post about Banc of America Securities selling investors CLOs which had already lost value before the CLO closing date. It seems that in July 2007 Banc of America transferred at least $35 million of previous losses to unsuspecting investors in two of its CLO offerings - LCM VII and Bryn Mawr II. In October 2008 when these two CLOs were liquidated investors lost nearly $150 million. But it is unlikely that these were the only structured deals that hid the true value of...

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