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Welcome to the new SLCG blog

At SLCG we encounter a lot of complex investment strategies and interesting financial products. We have traditionally written up our findings into research articles and published them in peer-reviewed academic journals, but lately we've realized that there are too many interesting topics to devote an entire research project to each and every one.

We support the dissemination of information that can inform and educate everyday investors of both old and new financial products. It would be simply impossible for us to do this in a timely manner at the slow pace of academic research and publishing. We strive to be investor advocates and the most efficient way to reach a larger group of people this day and age is to write a living document containing pertinent information for today's investor.

As a result, we have decided to venture into the blogosphere with the hope of providing a broader coverage of the financial world and interacting more directly with our readers. We hope this blog can become a valuable resource for investors, brokers, lawyers, and other financial practitioners. We also hope the blog encourages active and lively discussions that seek to educate the community at large.

Posts before this introduction form a collection of material previously contained on the commentary section of the SLCG website. We include this information here (back-dated to the original date of composition) for completeness.

If you have subject suggestions for future blog posts, or perhaps just a simple question concerning finance that you'd like to have answered, send us an email. We will try to address your questions in a future blog post in an effort to educate the blogosphere at large.

Welcome to our blog!