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SLCG's Own Dr. Tim Dulaney to Join the SEC

I am sad to report that one of SLCG Blog's commentators, Dr. Tim Dulaney, will be leaving us for an exciting opportunity at the Division of Investment Management at the Securities and Exchange Commission. While we will greatly miss his skills and camaraderie, we are glad that he will not be going far.

Dr. Dulaney has made enormous contributions to our research and advocacy work over the past two and a half years. He has co-authored eleven working papers and peer-reviewed publications (!), been a prolific contributor to the blog, and worked tirelessly to improve our capabilities. His efforts have helped us keep pace with financial innovation, working on projects dealing with exchange-traded products, structured products, structured certificates of deposit, portfolio optimization, optimal liquidation, complex annuities...the list goes on and on. In his new role with the SEC, he will continue to investigate complex investments and their impact on retail investors.

It has been an honor and a pleasure working with Tim, who has made a profound impact on everything we do at SLCG. We know the SEC and, in turn, all investors will benefit tremendously from his extensive skills and keen intellect. Congratulations, Tim!