Valuation Services / Partial Interests of Trusts

Partial Interests of Trusts

Valuing a trust with multiple beneficiaries can be difficult, especially if the beneficiaries receive their distributions at different points in time, over differing time horizons, or only after another beneficiary has passed away. SLCG uses Monte Carlo simulations to determine how a specific investment strategy will affect the percentage of fund assets distributed to each beneficiary.

The simulations allow SLCG experts to take into account each beneficiary’s age, the timing of distributions, different distribution plans, and the risk and return of the investment portfolio.

Our Valuation Experts

Technical expertise and extensive litigation experience allow SLCG professionals to assist parties involved in complex commercial litigation. Litigation involving breach of contract, business interruption, and other commercial disputes generally require the participation of expert economists at all phases of the legal process.

SLCG professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of these types of commercial litigation. In addition, SLCG provides valuation services for marital dissolutions, partial interests of trusts, and business valuations outside of litigation.