Valuation Services / Marital Dissolution

Marital Dissolution

In cases of marital dissolution, family assets need to be valued before they can be divided. When those assets include family businesses, trusts, or illiquid investments, it can be difficult to get a market price. Even if you get a market price, it may be the wrong price to use. SLCG applies its extensive history valuing illiquid investments to marital dissolutions, taking into consideration discounts for lack of control or marketability, whether the court requires a fire-sale price or a going concern value, and the value of the assets to different potential buyers.

Our Valuation Experts

Technical expertise and extensive litigation experience allow SLCG professionals to assist parties involved in complex commercial litigation. Litigation involving breach of contract, business interruption, and other commercial disputes generally require the participation of expert economists at all phases of the legal process.

SLCG professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of these types of commercial litigation. In addition, SLCG provides valuation services for marital dissolutions, partial interests of trusts, and business valuations outside of litigation.