Valuation Services / Business Valuations

Business Valuations

Business valuations are based on discounted projected cash flows, recent sales of comparable businesses, and the market value a company’s net assets. A quality valuation considers industry and demographic trends, discounts for lack of marketability and control, and the sensitivity of results to the underlying assumptions.

Using our experts’ extensive valuation experience and training, SLCG provides valuation opinions for small businesses going through a merger or sale, as well as valuations for tax or litigation purposes.

Our Valuation Experts

Technical expertise and extensive litigation experience allow SLCG professionals to assist parties involved in complex commercial litigation. Litigation involving breach of contract, business interruption, and other commercial disputes generally require the participation of expert economists at all phases of the legal process.

SLCG professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of these types of commercial litigation. In addition, SLCG provides valuation services for marital dissolutions, partial interests of trusts, and business valuations outside of litigation.