Valuation Services / Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Regardless of why a contract has been broken, the breach often leaves one party in a disadvantaged financial position. SLCG experts calculate the extent of the financial harm by comparing the actual cash flows to the cash flows that would have occurred if the contract had not been breached. SLCG experts use reasonable cash flow forecasts and discount rates to provide objective, reliable opinions and testimony.

Our Valuation Experts

Technical expertise and extensive litigation experience allow SLCG professionals to assist parties involved in complex commercial litigation. Litigation involving breach of contract, business interruption, and other commercial disputes generally require the participation of expert economists at all phases of the legal process.

SLCG professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of these types of commercial litigation. In addition, SLCG provides valuation services for marital dissolutions, partial interests of trusts, and business valuations outside of litigation.