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Our new Structured Products Review contains Research Reports on over 15,000 Structured Products and over 10,000 Reverse Convertibles.

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We plot the stock price of the issuer of the note, which can give investors an indication of its financial strength. If any recent news or performance has adversely affected the value of the issuing firm, it would likely be reflected in changes in its stock price. We also show the issue and maturity dates for the product in green and red lines, respectively.
The Maturity Payoff Diagram is a flow chart describing the various outcomes that could occur under different circumstances. Products that have contingent coupons, maturity payoffs, etc. can have very different payoffs depending on the value of the reference asset over time.
The Analysis section provides details on product-specific features. It also describes issues of credit risk, fair valuation, and any other unique characteristics investors should be aware of.
The Principal Payback Table shows the product's payoff at maturity given different levels of the reference asset. The initial value of the reference asset and its associated payoff are highlighted in red.