Structured Product Calculator

The SLCG Structured Product Calculator calculates the fair values of several popular structured products; including PLUS, Buffered PLUS, PPN, etc.

401(k) Retirement Income and Fee Calculator

In this blog post, we explain the effect of fees on the value of a 401(k) retirement account and provide a spreadsheet that calculates the before-tax effects of allocation and saving decisions.

Annual vs. Bimonthly 401(k) Contributions

In this blog post, we show the effect of changing 401(k) contributions from bimonthly to annual. We provide a spreadsheet that demonstrates the effect -- which can be surprisingly large.

Introduction to Binary Options

In this blog post we describe binary options, which are often embedded in structured products, and provide a valuation spreadsheet for binary call options.

Black-Scholes Option Valuation Calculator

In this blog post, we explain the widely used Black-Scholes option valuation formula and provide a handy calculator that lets you value European options under a variety of assumptions.

Investment Perfomance Calculator

The SLCG Investment Performance Calculator makes it easy to calculate your out-of-pocket profit or loss. Just enter your account value on a Start Date after 1/1/1989 and your account value on an End Date before 2/29/2020.

Monte Carlo Simulation

The SLCG Monte Carlo Simulation simulates the investment performance of a bond and/or stock portfolio subject to annual withdrawals.

Simplified TIC Projections

This spreadsheet calculates the discounted present value of a model tenant-in-common (TIC) interest using methods described in our 2013 research paper. Change any of the input parameters to see their effect on the valuation.

Probability Distribution Calculator

Here we provide a graphical depiction of the probability distributions that are the backbone of many finance applications.