Reuters June 9, 2015 - "Non-traded REITs cost investors $50 billion: consultant"

Ross Kerber and Suzanne Barlyn's "Non-traded REITs cost investors $50 billion: consultant" reports the result of SLCG's non-traded REIT research. In "An Empirical Analysis of Non-Traded REITs" (paper available here), Brian Henderson, Joshua Mallett, and Craig McCann found that the non-traded REIT industry has transferred at least $45.5 billion in wealth from investors to sponsors and the brokerage industry. The first 41 non-traded REITs had cost investors $25.5 billion in lost wealth and 40 additional non-traded REITs which had updated their NAVs had cost investors another $20 billion in lost wealth. In "Fiduciary Duties and Non-traded REITs" (paper available here), Craig McCann points out that no advisor with fiduciary duties could recommend a non-traded REIT.

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Craig J. McCann